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Rainwater harvesting is the way to reduce the use of ground water as well as maintain its level forever in the future. Rainwater harvesting is again a new but old and effective technique of collecting rain water during rainy season for future usage purpose.

It provides water when a drought occurs, can help mitigate flooding of low-lying areas, and reduces demand on wells which may enable groundwater levels to be sustained.

Essay on Rainwater Harvesting (400 Words)

Advantages[ edit ] Rainwater harvesting provides the independent water supply during regional water restrictions, and in developed countries, is often used to supplement the main supply.

Oklahoma passed the Water for Act into promote pilot projects for rainwater and graywater use among other water-saving techniques. We should try to collect rain water without wasting through rooftops and along streets run off. Tools like these can save time and money before a commitment to build a system is undertaken, in addition to making the project sustainable and long lasting.

It helps in various purposes like household works, field irrigation, livestock, agriculture and animal husbandry. Recharge of rainwater to the ground prevents sea-water immersion into the fresh water bodies in the coastal areas. The risk of water scarcity in the future has been increased to a great extent and can be life threatening if some effective solutions are not followed.

Reports on this research are available on their "Knowledge Hub". In Hong Kong, rainwater is collected from skyscrapers to supply water needs. More and clean rain water can be collected in the rainy season by making large and clean water body.

Everyone depend on the ground water for their every need. Rainwater harvesting is very low cost method along with lots of benefits.

Currently I have edited the first paragraph to include some key words to some of the Wikiversity pages, that was a good idea too. In the United Statesuntil in Coloradowater rights laws almost completely restricted rainwater harvesting; a property owner who captured rainwater was deemed to be stealing it from those who have rights to take water from the watershed.

Dew pond wikipedia essay wikipedia clean essay writing. It feels like important information, because there is no "how-to" info on this page so far, so it could really expand the topic to a whole new level of usefulness for users. It is important to do so since drinking water is not easily renewable and it helps in reducing wastage.

Rainwater is safe to drink. It can be purified to make it into drinking water, used for daily applications and even utilized in large scale industries.

It may reduce the stress of public water supply sources. At present, in Punerainwater harvesting is compulsory for any new housing society to be registered.

For centuries the world has relied upon rainwater harvesting to supply water for household, landscape, and agricultural uses.

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It helps in rejuvenating the groundwater levels in both directly and indirectly manner. It is estimated that 1 meter rise in the water level saves around 0. Since this is where the general rainwater harvesting information is based.

What is Rainwater Harvesting?

Supplying rainwater that has gone through preliminary filtration measures for nonpotable water uses, such as toilet flushing, irrigation and laundry, may be a significant part of a sustainable water management strategy.

However, optimized real-time control lets this infrastructure double as a source of rainwater harvesting without compromising the existing detention capacity. Why do we celebrate harvest festivals. I hope this is okay. It is the technique to collect and store rainwater for various purposes in the future.

A storage pond is not often considered to be a tankyet may be used to make rainwater available for irrigation. Example rainwater harvesting in India []. Tamil nadu is the first Indian state to make rainwater harvesting mandatory.

On 30 Maythe state government announced that it will set up 50, rainwater harvesting structures at various parts of the capital city of Chennai. Rainwater harvesting essay of beowulf ebooks, rainwater harvesting essay in the only state in pdf.

Raised by over 40 percent. The environment. 4, 6, rainwater harvesting system than the first and subsequently storing this post goes over 40 percent. Rainwater harvesting From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | This article includes a list of references, but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations.

Rainwater harvesting

In short, Rainwater harvesting is a process or technique of collecting, filtering, storing and using rainwater for irrigation and for various other purposes. To reduce the consumption of groundwater, many people around the world are using rainwater harvesting systems.

The article Rainwater tank is contains a lot about the how (Rainwater harvesting) and the how contains a lot about the with (Rainwater tank). Jeepday (talk)19 June (UTC) They're both reasonably long articles about well defined areas.

Rain Water Harvesting Essay 3 ( words) Rainwater harvesting means collecting the rain water into the natural reservoirs or man-made tanks. It is the technique to collect and store rainwater for various purposes in the future.

Rainwater harvesting essay in wikipedia
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