Muscle cars essay

Other car manufacturers joined the segment, introducing advancements in mechanics and design.

Muscle Cars

It is all free. A racing car and also a driving car C.

Muscle Cars Essay

It is all free. The Pontiac was a big surprise for many muscle lovers. Higher fuel prices, government regulations and soaring inflation have led consumers to look for cheaper and more efficient cars.

It had been called the cobra because it strikes fast and it went as fast as the cobra. Another difference between sport and muscle cars is their price; muscle cars offered racing-style mechanical features at much more affordable price than sport and luxury cars, although the latter may share the technical features of a muscle car, such as the engine and the general shape First models Throughout the late 40s and early 50s, a new demand was created for performance and speed.

But the fact is that, some vehicles are just simply faster and have a better or bigger engine under the hood of the car. This car is considered to be the best muscle cars of all time and to be very valuable now in days. It came out with a v8 motor and pumping out more then horsepower and with a cubic engine.

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Cruising around and having good natured fun. The engines however, in a Hyundai, Kia, Saturn and Honda are considered to be very reliable. Compact and reliable cars were imported from the Far East and Europe, leaving the automotive industry in a fight for survival to this very day.

Muscle Cars versus Foreign Imports — Essay Sample American muscle-cars fired up the youth of the s and s and became the stuff of legend. The main feature of the Rocket was a high-compression V8 engine with horse power hpwhich GM also used in its Cadillac division the same year.

Log in or register now. The big tail in the back of the car was to give the car more stamina and make it lighter to make it go faster. Online communities and specialized businesses supports this phenomenon, which keeps a piece of American car history on the road.

Muscle cars appeared in films and popular music. Another fact is that just simply that some muscle cars are most expensive then other because of the model or the year of that car. The engines in a moderately priced car range from a 4 cylinder to an 8-cylinder vehicle.

It came out with a v8 motor and pumping out more then horsepower and with a cubic engine. The Camaro was the second highest car to sell in nation wide, with over 80, cars sold in that one year.

The corvette was the first car to have four disk brakes on all four wheels. Just feather the gas pedal a little and you can feel those four barrel carburetors opening up the throttle body to feed the monstrous V8 engine under the hood.

Work cited Page http:. Muscle cars were being produced by many different manufacturers in the early ’s, including Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford and Pontiac.

In the ’s bigger was considered better. These muscle cars gained weight and inches with every year that past. Feb 08,  · Muscle cars (aka “supercars”) represent a glamorous era in the history of automobile manufacturing. During their years of mass production, they offered a unique driving experience, introduced new technologies to consumers and served as status symbols and as cultural icons.

The muscle car all started in and lasted till It all started in the fifties with a group of people that were called hot roders.

Muscle Cars Essay

They where striving for the need for speed, the three big car makers thought they should get in to racing and they did. On the other side, you have mostly younger people. People like me, who have limited experience driving older cars.

People like me who love the fact that modern technology is constantly pushing the limits of what's possible, and who can't understand why you would want to commute in a manual.

American Muscle Cars

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Muscle Cars: the Rise, Fall, and Rebirth - Due to the growing prevalence of stock car racing, muscle cars came into power during the s, which has become known as the Golden Age of Muscle. Lasting from tomuscle cars enjoyed over a decade of power, and, regrettably, a four decade hibernation.

Muscle cars essay
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