Essay on women in politics in india

This article will not attempt to organize all of Aristotle's work into a coherent whole, but will draw on different texts as they are necessary to complete one version of Aristotle's view of politics. For example, since the late s, some of the middle-ranking cultivating castes of northern India have increasingly cooperated in the political arena in order to advance their common agrarian and market-oriented interests.

If, for example, two students turn in essays of identical quality, they should each get the same grade. This, too, complicates our understanding of Aristotle. The knife's purpose, or reason for existing, is to cut things. Today the answer would probably be that these things are sufficient - a group of people sharing territory and laws is not far from how most people would define the modern state.

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Hard to define precisely, it is not a single stratum of society, but straddles town and countryside, making its voice heard everywhere. Cities are preserved not by complete unity and similarity but by "reciprocal equality," and this principle is especially important in cities where "persons are free and equal.

After independence, Ambedkar almost singlehandedly wrote India's constitution, including key provisions barring caste-based discrimination.

The mid-range of figures presented in a survey article by analyst Suman Dubey is approximately to million--some 20 percent of the population--although other observers suggest alternative figures. We will see shortly why Aristotle believed that the cities existing at the time did not in fact follow this principle of ruling and being ruled in turn.

The principles are the moral principles. In Januarythe United Nations reported million adults in India are illiterate. She plays roles as a mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife. In the case of the city it is the most authoritative or highest good.

As described by anthropologist Owen M. Vote is purchased by the party men. In the growing cities, traditional intercaste interdependencies are negligible. There are two pairs of people for whom this is the case. Virtually every ancient Mediterranean culture had some form of the institution of slavery.

Women's political participation in India Nussbaum also found literacy can play a key role in the dignification and independence of women in politics by giving them access to communications, such as memos and newspapers, they can become better informed on political issues.

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Aristotle: Politics

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Essay on The Role of Women in Politics

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Role Of Women In Politics (Essay Sample) On the same note, women such as Vijay Laxmi Pandi from India was UNO Secretary while Indra Gandhi became the Prime Minister and Sucheta Kiplani, Jayalalitha, Uma Bharati, Mayawati and Vasundhara becoming Chief Ministers at different times.

These women have gained respect in the society and have. While India exults after yet another peacefully concluded election, one question remains: What is the role of women in Indian politics? The answer is both big and small.

Typical of India, it.

Essay on women in politics in india
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