Effect of salinity on germination essay

The calculated standard deviation and error bars for two of my results 0. The heavy metals may cause a negative effect to the seed germination and growth.

This indicates that the trend indicated by the line is accurate. The bean begins to absorb water when planted in warm, moist soil, and the absorption of water signals the metabolic start of growth.

Though there are no single outliers the results for our 0 salinity trial had a large range of results from 4 to 9. Ecological effects, transport, and fate of mercury: This error bar also overlaps the 1 other data point at 0. Harwood Academic Publishers, UK,: The calculated standard deviation and error bars for two of my results 0.

The seeds of kang kong is soaked in the salt solutions for 12 hours, dried and so seed Petri dishes. Treatment of Controlled variables Variable name Treatment of variable Salinity Each plant will be given a specific amount of water salinity as per the requirements of the experiment.

Light intensity All seeds will be placed at exactly the same distance from the light source — the kitchen window. The line of best fit is not accurate and it does not passes through all of the error bars and point. It is important to understand the factor which effect seed germination as germination is the first stage in a plants life cycle, and without plants to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen life would not be sustainable on earth, plants also play a hugely important role in the agriculture and food industry.

While the species can tolerate most climates, C. However seeds with less water may have also been negatively effected as water is also necessary for germination and insufficient water absorbance will result in delayed or lack of germination. In otherwords it is more likely that salinity has a more gradual effect on the inhibition of germination than the trend seen in our results.

The characteristics of good seeds are well ripened, healthy and true to type, pure and free from inert materials and weed seeds, viable and have good germination capacity, uniform in its texture, structure and appearance, and free from damage and should not be broken and inflected by pests and diseases Anonymous, a.

Effect of Salinity on Germination Essay Sample

If I were to repeat this experiment I would use large circular cotton wool pads[4], which would evenly cover the petri dish, causing there to be even insulation and absorbance of solution. Salinity of Water mol L-1 Mean number of mung bean seeds with a cracked testa four days after being exposed to the solution Key Colour used to indicate the calculated example mean Colour used to indicate the data used to calculate example standard deviation Note: The strength between the variables in my experiment concentration and germination rate can be calculated using Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient PMCC.

Effect of Salinity on Germination Essay Sample

All of our seeds also gave off an unpleasant odour after 4 days which continued to the tenth day. Temperature All seeds will be placed in the same vicinity to ensure that all seeds are kept at the same temperature.

The seeds were left to shoot for 72 hours and 15ml of their several salt solutions were added at 24 hours interval. Thus in those petri dishes with less cotton wool the seed would be less likely to successfully germinate as the seed would be more saturated and thus would not germinate.

The Effects of Salinity on Wheat Germination Essay Sample

How the data will be recorded is by first allowing the plants to sprout and grow. Lastly, I would also like to express my special thanks to all my friends who were directly or indirectly involved in giving their ideas, advice, criticism, and moral support throughout the project.

The error bar for 0. As the major ingredient in comestible salt, it is normally used as a condiment and nutrient preservative. Maintaining the ratio of these ions in the embryo is essentials in order for the seed to germinate. The influence of metals on development and reproduction of plants can be firstly quantified by determining the germination traits of seeds and growth performance of seedling.

Plantae — Plants Class: Sodium Chloride in the form to be used in the experiment is by no means hazardous and its use should pose no danger with proper routine safety procedures. Planning Test A test experiment had been conducted to find the best scope of concentrations of Na chloride to be used and the suitableness of the methods and processs.

The percentage germination was low at acidic as well as alkaline conditions in both the sets of scarified and unscarified Solanum nigrum seeds. Heavy metals may also affect seed germination, mainly believed to be attributed to toxicity effects.

Elemental mercury is efficiently transported as a gas around the 8 globe, and even remote areas show evidence of mercury pollution originating from industrial sources such as power plants Morel et al.

I would also ensure that the length of the seeds was consistent at mm. In this experiment bean plants will be used to determine the tolerance and growth of the plants of different salinity levels from water containing salt as said previously before.

The seed to seedling development takes about two weeks. The irrigation of saline water improves soil structure, but can negatively affect plant growth and crop yield. The application volume was 2 ml per Petri dish at alternate days unless the paper towel was still moist with the previous application of solution.

Pressure builds inside the seed until the seed coat bursts. ABSTRACT - (Effects of salinity on seed germination, seedling growth and survival of Spanina ciliata Brong.) The effects of different salinities on the germination of Spartina ciliata seeds were tested during 40 days in the laboratory.

effect of salinity. The Effect of Salinity on Seed Germination 1) Abstract: Poor seeding growth can be the result of soil salinity.

A study was done to examine the influence of NaCl salinity treatment on the germination and seeding grow of vigna radiata using different NaCl concentration 0 (control),A graph was used to analyze the data obtained from the study.

Effect of Acid Rain on Seed Germination Essay. To stimulate the effect of acid rain on plant life, students to set up a lab experiment to compare the effect of varying levels of acidity on plant seed germination.

When the salinity of the water increases from 0%, the rate of germination decreased which is shown in the results as at 0% NaCl % of seeds had germinated after 4 days, at 1% NaCl 25% of seeds had germinated, and at 5% and 10% NaCl, 0% of seeds germinated.

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The Effect of Salinity on Seed Germination 1) Abstract: Poor seeding growth can be the result of soil salinity. A study was done to examine the influence of NaCl salinity treatment on the germination and seeding grow of vigna radiata using different NaCl concentration 0 (control),Mechanism of Salinity Essay.

ABSTRACT. The arrangement of this project was designed to investigate the effect of salinity on germination rate of kang kong. Different concentrations of sodium chloride (NaCl) of %, %, %, % and % are prepared.

Effect of salinity on germination essay
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